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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Where will you be a year from now? Goals for 2014.

It's that time of year again. When, in a haze of post-holiday binging, we hastily make insane promises to ourselves to completely change our ways. Resolutions. I cringe at the word. 

Okay, so we all went a little overboard with the M&M pretzels ala Pinterest; indulged a bit on the merlot; skipped a few miles (and by skip I mean settled into the sectional). But I'm here to declare that you are NOT a failure! Just as fast as your scale may have crept up, or your pace gained a few seconds, you can reverse it and get in the mindset you desire. So let's set some GOALS. Screw the resolutions, achieving goals is much more measurable and rewarding. 

How do you visualize yourself exactly a year from now? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? 

How will you get to that place? 

Write these steps out.  Make them measurable. Be very specific. Dream big, don't hold back. Never be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone, as that is how we discover just what we are capable of. 

These steps you listed are your goals. Want to finish your first 5k? Be honest with yourself about how you'll smash that goal (What training plan will you use? When/where will you carve out the time to train? How many days/week will you dedicate?). List steps you'll take if you fall behind or fail, because there WILL be roadblocks. Those who succeed know how to hurdle over these roadblocks instead of getting knocked out by the flak. 

Do you share your goals with others for accountability or do you keep them hidden in fear of failure? Maybe share them with just a select few peers? Only you know what works for you. There are thousands of online message boards out there with active people seeking similar experiences you can join to keep your goals alive yet still relatively anonymous. 

Write your goals down in a very accessible location. I keep an active list in my phone and visit that page daily. If you are attempting to make drastic lifestyle changes, such as weightloss, a nutritional overhaul, or a new sport, remember to start with small changes. Make these changes habit, like brushing your teeth. You would not think of going to bed without clean teeth (I suspect) so why would you think to not sweat daily? Healthy people sweat nearly daily (even during active recovery "rest" days) because it is habit. Wake up, brush teeth, sweat. Just another part of the day, part of the routine. If you're making lifestyle changes, know that it's not easy to change years of habits overnight, but if you continue to JUST DO IT (Nike was on to something there!) then it will become a habit and YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. 

We all know how fast a year floats by. We will blink and it will be December, 2014. Life is short and we get one chance to fully experience everything. Now is the time to make the changes necessary to live your best life. 

I am sharing my goals for 2014 for accountability. 

1. Run 2,000 miles total. 
2. Complete a WSER100 qualifying 100 mile race. 
3. Run a sub-3:25 full marathon. 
4. Run a sub-1:35 half marathon. 

Your goals will look completely different and that is okay, in fact, that is awesome! We all come from different places; never compare your goals to another person's. I can assure you, while fitness and nutrition are my niches, I'll never ever have an organized house and my laundry pile will forever rival the height of Mt. Rainier. Hmm maybe I need to rethink my goals...

Please feel free to share your goals below and contact me if you want ANY help or tips in order to become your best you in 2014!

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